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Navarathiri Festival Inivation On 19.09.2017 to 30.09.2017.

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Welcome to Arulmigu Kamakshi Amman Temple, Mangadu

    The Kamakshi Amman Temple of Mangadu is a Hindu temple in Mangadu, a suburb of Chennai, India. The term Mangadu means "Mango Forests or Mango Grooves" and as the term implies this must have been a thickly wooded Mango groove in times of yore. mangadu kamakshi mangadu kamakshi mangadu kamakshi mangadu kamakshi

     In this Mangadu the Goddess Sri Kamakshi came and started her penance standing on the PANCHAGNI in the midst of forest of Mango trees. Then Lord Siva appeared before Goddess Kamakshi and married her at Kancheepuram. In the same way, if any unmarried Girl, comes and offers vows to Sri Kamakshi, she gets married very soon. mangadu kamakshi amman temple mangadu kamakshi amman temple mangadu kamakshi amman

     A little away from Mangadu is the temple of Lord Velleeswarar. Velli is the name of planet Venus-Shukra. As in the Kanjanur Shukrapureeswarar temple, this temple is of Shukra importance. Mother Kamakshi is the important deity in Mangadu and Kancheepuram. Similarly, Velleeswarar is the main deity in this temple. Only the feet of Mother are installed here.Lord Ganapathi is holding paddy stalks and mango in His hands. These are offered as nivedhana to Lord Vinayaka in the faith that farm yields would be in plenty. Another Vinayaka in the Goshta appears with an umbrella and a mango.

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